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Adventist Mission Japan (AMJ) is a movement of Seventh-day Adventists whose mission is to carry the gospel to Japan and Japanese people around the world. It is a network of Seventh-day Adventists passionate about mission in Japan. It has the same mission as the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church with the emphasis on mission in Japan and Japanese contexts. It serves as a contact point for communication and resources to further the mission. You are invited to support or receive support through this site.

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Information, Resources, Institutions, Churches, Organizations, Opportunities for service, How you can do mission (live there, teach English, help translate). Stories and experiences, missionaries, articles.


* = Japanese language webpage, otherwise in English


Adventist Church 
Adventist Mission 
North Asia Pacific Division 
Japan Union Conference* (English) 
Adventist Directory 
Adventist Yearbook 
Adventist Volunteers 
List of churches* 
English Schools 
English Churches: Tokyo Yokohama Osaka Okinawa


Adventist World - magazine with stories of mission in Japan
The origin, history, and present status of the temples of Japan - thesis by Andrew Nelson, 1938


Andrew Nelson - Adventist missionary, Japanese lexicography, served in 1920s


English School & Church - Bible lessons, articles, programs, messages


About Japan Religion Christianity Shinto Buddhism 
Shinto Shrines Associate


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